Mind the curves – Meg De Jong

Mind the curves – Meg De Jong

Blogger from Mins the curves in a polka dot skirt and pin up hair and makeup

The exquisite Meg De Jong, a professional journalist based in Cape Town and the editor of Mind The curves blog, came to Hung Up to show us just how to rock what you got at any size.

The first thing that will surprise you is that this ravishing buxom beauty is adamant that she is not an authority on body positivity (I would beg to differ). She has confidence oozing from her pores and a certain sex-appeal that I am not even sure that Meg knows she possesses.

Meg De Jong

When the camera started rolling, she took her rightful place as the star of the show and rocked it. HARD.

Ask Meg if she writes her blog to inspire other woman and her response may surprize you.

“My intention was simply to share my journey and the fact that it inspires other woman is an amazing by-product and the real upside to Mind The Curves”

She is as much impacted by taking her readers along for the ride as she grows and learns more about herself and every encouraging word, from all that cheerlead,  builds up her confidence even more.

Meg had no idea how Mind The Curves would all play out but she is blown away by all the love she receives and reminds her that a positive body confidence can propel you just as much as a negative body image can hold you back.

Outfit Details: Skirt: Revelation Fashion  |  Shoes & Top: Models own

I made a flippant comment “fuller figure equals fuller life” and Meg retorted  “Hey, we embrace all shapes and sizes” without even skipping a beat. It really speaks to her character and who the girl in the pearls really is. Unashamed but definitely not bitter. Its no wonder that everyone she meets, adores the curvy model.

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She makes me want to be better. Look at myself differently. Examine my own body issues.  Simply by being in the midst of her awesomery.

Mind the curves has already led to her receiving offers to model for other brands and even some offers from clothing designers to partner and become brand ambassador. Who knows what the future holds, but if I were a betting woman I would bet that Meg de Jong will become a household name soon.

Outfit Details: Skirt: Miss Happ Clothing  | Bracelet: Smith at Kin | Shoes & Top: Models own

I cannot wait to see what this show stopper has in store because whatever Meg De Jong is selling, I’m buying.

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About the Author: Laverne Vermeulen
Magazine Editor Laverne Vermeulen

Editor, Laverne is a creative mind who has a passion for pop culture. She also prides herself as quite the fashion expert!

Laverne perfectly balances her life between her family and work.

Styling: Meg De Jong | Photography: Life Photography | Hair & Make-Up: Kirsten Murphy

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